XVI Zawody Dolnośląskie – 2018

My first Contest… well… it went OK i guess.

Since i can currently only operate on 2m FM, my radio is almost QRP and base antenna – while do it job – not directional and quite not contest “pimped”.

So our regional contest XVI Zawody Dolnośląskie organised by SP6KYU club was perfect to start.

I assumed that with low sensitivity and power of setup, better strategy would be to settle on freq and call CQ Contest, in hope for someone with better gear to hear and push response.

After hour i knew that it is hard job 🙂 and i should have more powerful TRX 😀
But managed to QSO with organizer station SP6KYU and with neighbor SP6NVB

Somehow i managed to operate logging soft for the first time (but, i had only 2 entries per hour, so plenty time to play around), and export and submission of log went fine too. So as an exercise it was successful 😀


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