ARISS Intercosmos – 40th years of international flights

To commemorate 40th anniversary of Intercosmos program, RS0ISS was transmitting SSTV images on 145.800 MHz (FM)

I discovered event quite late (thanks Dad!), the day before end. So first QSO i made from backyard, in hurry and not well prepared. That captured lot of external (audio) and radio noises, since i decoded everything with Baofeng UV-5R + iOS SSTV app.

On Saturday 14th April we went to the mountains, Ludwikowice Kłodzkie, near to our Wielka Sowa repeater. It is quite high, but also with crystal clear sky above and lot of free, open space around. Next two images was received on the meadow, and last one in the middle of forest, quite uninterrupted and high quality (as for Portable+Mobile set).

And i got my first diploma for that! Hooray!!!

More info about 55th mission and ARISS can be found at:

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